July, Week 2: Stormzy decorates teen's bedroom, Redskins announce name change

Stormzy paints young boy from Croydon's bedroom with The Good Guys decorating company

The rapper showed up to 15-year old Ishae's house in Croydon to help him decorate his room. Stormzy was there as part of a "give back" scheme run by decorating company The Good Guys.

Madeline Swegle makes history as US Navy's 1st Black female fighter pilot

L.t. j.g Madeline Swegle is set to become the Navy's first black female fighter pilot and will receive her 'Wings of Gold' later this month. She has recieved an outpouring of support from the likes of Elizabeth Warren, Billie Jean King and Senator Kamala Harris.

Redskins announce nickname will be changed

NFL team Washington Redskins have decided to change their name after consistent backlash both long-before and after the protests against social injustice began following the death of George Floyd in May. The name has been long been criticised as offensive to Native Americans. The logo, which depicts a Native American chief, will also be changed.

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