July Week 1: Graduate teaching in Delhi slum, student collecting rubbish goes to Harvard

Graduate teaches children in Delhi slum without access to online learning

Maths graduate Satyendra Pal has been teaching children in New Delhi slums since 2015. Due to the pandemic, these are the only lessons for those who don't have access to internet. With the help of his fellow slum-dwellers he built an indoor classroom inside a hut, while desks and benches were donated. While he had to stop teaching March due to restrictions, he started back up in July with a limited number of students. Charities in the area helped to provide masks and sanitisers to Pal and his students. He told Reuters: “I want to earn money, but if I focus on myself I will earn alone. If I help these kids, they will all earn with me.”

This student collected garbage to pay for college. Now he's headed to Harvard Law

24 year old Rehan Staton had been working in sanitation since graduating high school during which he suffered with financial issues, illness and a major sports injury, meaning his hopes for college were dashed. While he applied to a number of colleges before the year was out, he was rejected from every school he applied to. That was when one of his colleagues spoke to Brent Bates about Rehan, who agreed to speak with him and later took him to see a professor at Bowie State University, who was so impressed that he appealed to the admissions board and got him in. After two successful years there, Rehan transferred to the University of Maryland in his third year, where he graduated in 2018. Now he is headed off to Harvard Law school.

Rehan said to CNN: "When I look back at my experiences, I like to think that I made the best of the worst situation. Each tragedy I faced forced me out of my comfort zone, but I was fortunate enough to have a support system to help me thrive in those predicaments."

Double amputee five-year-old Tony Hudgell raises more than $1 million for charity with beautiful act

Five-year-old Tony Hudgell from England has raised more than $1 million for the Evelina London Children's Hospital. Tony was inspired by Captain Tom Moore, who raised over £30 million for NHS charities during the pandemic by walking up and down his garden. Tony, who is a double amputee, wore his prosthetic legs to walk throughout June to raise money and completed his walk on Tuesday in front of a crowd in his hometown of West Malling.

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