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Bella Ciao - Money Heist season 5 predictions

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WARNING: This article contains major spoilers involving part four of Money Heist.

You heard it right - the Money Heist gang is officially back in production, with The Professor (Alvaro Morte) just confirming the news via Instagram on Tuesday. 

It comes a week after the creator of the show, Alex Pina posted a picture of himself on a hammock teasing fans that he was currently writing the script for the fifth installment.  

But now that we have the confirmation, fans (including myself) are wondering what could happen next after part four ended on a cliff-hanger as former inspector Alica Sierra (Najwa Nimri) finds The Professor's hideout and holds him at gunpoint. (YIKES) 

But surely they won't kill The Professor? 

A user on Quora doesn’t think this is the case - phew!  They wrote, “Maybe Sierra would shake hands with the Professor because she has nowhere to go as she busted the Intelligence and her secrets are public.” They also suggest that Sierra might have her child while holding a gun to The Professor's head. 

Though it sounds crazy, the latter of the two seems to be a common prediction as  another user on Reddit suggested that, “she pops her baby out right there and then The Professor helps her birth it. Afterwards she’ll be unable to do much and will no longer be as much as a threat.” 

Many fans are also predicting that Sierra will join the gang and help complete the heist at the Bank of Spain. So what about the rest of the gang? 

Some fans have a theory that Denver (Jaime Lorente Lopez) will be next to go. The theory is connected to a scene in part four that saw Nairobi waking up in a field with heist members who have already died. Her outfit is the same as in an earlier scene which saw Denver and his father Moscow speaking to The Professor. 

In my opinion, I can’t imagine Sierra joining the gang and I’ve got a feeling that their baby could be ready to arrive at any minute, leaving The Professor with an ultimatum - will he escape or help birth her child?

Until part five we are just going to have to keep guessing and relying on Reddit theories. But don’t worry, we will be the first to report back as soon as we hear any news.

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