Big boobs vs high street shopping

An E if you’re asking. Or if you’re not. I have big boobs and there’s no escaping that. Literally. Some see it as a blessing, and I do sometimes, others just like to comment or ask questions. Yes, somehow I am able to stand upright without falling over. Yes, they do get in the way a lot. Yes, it is extremely difficult to find bras that actually fit.

Try going into Primark, the most affordable of places and a poor student’s dream. Try going in there and finding anything above an F. You might, but I can almost guarantee that it’ll either be ugly, boring, or a weird fitting. To have to buy 35 pound bras in places like Bravissimo because puberty hit you a little too hard is unfair. Whether you’ve got melons or mosquito bites, there should be an option for everyone, that everyone can afford. I’d love to wear something a little comfier, with dainty lace and no wire poking into my ribs, but unfortunately that reality does not exist for me. Yet.

It’s even worse trying to find clothes that look in some way presentable. Logos on t shirts morph into something unrecognisable, crop tops never quite reach the bottom of your bra, and don’t even get me started on bardot necklines. The amount of pretty floaty tops I have that I can’t wear like a normal human because my chest is too heavy is a little devastating. And forget about going braless. Whenever I do I end up hitting myself in the face.

Anything I wear that is remotely tight becomes a talking point. It a sad state of affairs when a woman can’t show off a little cleavage without comments saying she’s asking for it. I’m not! I just can’t put them anywhere else! And even if I am, I’m not asking for comment, thank you very much.

I have nothing but respect for those women who wear what they want and do what they want without any care in the world. I’d love that. And shopping as a big boobed woman isn’t all bad. I tend to fill out dresses pretty well and they act as a great shelf when necessary. I’d just like a little variety in my high street stores. I’m telling you, Victoria’s Secret is that she’s awful at making bras for big boobs (in my opinion).

All in all high street stores need to make themselves more inclusive. In sizing, in shape, and in advertising. We’re on the way, but we have more ways to go.

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