August Week 1: Boston student given free £3,000 piano, gorilla baby boom in Uganda

Antique Store Owner Gives Student Free $3,000 Piano After He Delighted Customers With ‘Don’t Stop Believin' via GoodNewsNetwork

23-year-old Boston college student John Capron delighted shoppers when he sat down to play his rendition of Journey's 'Don't Stop Believin' on an old $200 Whitney piano in Massachusett's ReMARKable Cleanouts antique shop.

When a sales associate recorded and uploaded the video to the shop's Facebook page, it went viral, and shop owner Mark Waters offered to give Capron the Whitney for free. Instead, Waters decided to surprise Capron with a $3,000 Steinway and Sons piano.

Waters told WCVB: “To see him cry made me cry. It’s just going to sit here, so if you can bring it into somebody else’s life and bring it back to life, then God bless America, you know what I mean? That’s what life’s about! I wish I could do this every day!”

There's a gorilla baby boom happening in Uganda via The Week

Two new baby gorillas have been born in Uganda's Bwindi Impenetrable National Park to separate groups of gorillas. These mountain gorillas were previously on the 'critically endangered' list but, thanks to conservation efforts, they were moved to the less severe 'endangered' list in 2018.

There are around 1,000 mountain gorillas living in Congo, Uganda, and Rwanda, which is the highest figure ever recorded, per the International Union for the Conservation of Nature.

The Associated Press reports that these newborns are part of a "baby boom in the protected forest popular with tourists."

An adopted 14-year-old girl is helping senior dogs find a forever home just like she did via CNN

Meena Kumar was nine months old when she was found abandoned in a basket on a college campus in Pune India. After a year in an orphanage, Kumar was adopted by a couple in Mumbai and brought to San Jose, California, where almost every weekend included a trip to the Humane Society or to Muttville Senior Dog Rescue.

Kumar wanted to help Muttville, which rescuses around 1,000 dogs per year and runs mostly with the help of volunteers. Being only 12-years-old, Kumar herself couldn't volunteer so instead she began pet sitting in her own home for her neighbours and school friends, with the goal of supporting Muttville.

Kumar has raised $7,000 for Muttville, which was doubled to $14,000 thanks to a matching donation programme with Intel, where her father works.

She told CNN: "More people should adopt senior dogs. They give you the same unconditional love as any other dog."

Good boy! UK police dog helps find missing woman, 1-year-old baby on first day after searching 'vast area' via Newsbreak

Two-year-old German Shepherd mix Max had one of the most successful first shifts on the job as a police dog. He helped to locate a missing woman and her 1-year-old child on the edge of a ravine in Wales. The woman hadn't been seen or spoken to for two days before the search. After starting the search around noon on Saturday, Max and his handler, Police Constable Peter Lloyd, found the missing woman waving for help. Both the mother and baby were found "safe, but cold".

Inspector Jonathan Rees-Jones from the Dyfed-Powys Police, said: “I must give a special mention to PC Pete Lloyd and Max, who on their very first day since completing their training together covered a significant amount of mileage in the search, eventually locating them safe."

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