7 documentaries that'll make you angry at the world

The likes of Netflix, HBO, even Amazon Prime delving into the world of documentaries has meant the telling of more stories, more people and ultimately, more dastardly deeds.

1. Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief (2015)

Last year I was stopped walking down Tottenham Court Road in London by a woman who handed me a bookmark-shaped paper. As soon as I took it, she came running after me telling me how I could change my life, get rid of negativity, improve my wellbeing. I promptly ran into Paperchase to avoid her and when I did I realised she'd handed me an advert for 'Dianetics' the book, and film, that is the basis for Scientology.

Going Clear is a brilliant look into the history of the organisation and the way it treats its members, most of which I'd hope you disagree with.

Watch on HBO or Prime Video.

2. OJ: Made in America (2016)

I'm into my true crime documentaries. I did my dissertation on them so I should be, but when I started watching this series, I realised it was far deeper than the usual doc about a murder trial.

OJ: Made in America, while focusing on the life of OJ Simpson, also tells a much more enraging story about being black in America. From Rodney King and the LA riots to OJ's perspective on himself, it tells the story of an awful murder and the harrowing context in which he was acquitted.

Watch for free on BBC iPlayer.

3. Three Identical Strangers (2018)

In a probably more than one in a million chance, brothers Eddie, David and Robert found each other after 19 years and soon realised how similar they each were, despite growing up in different households and classes. You get the what from the trailer - identical triplets separated at birth. What you don't get is the why. And the why is what will make you angry.

Watch for free on All 4.

4. Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son about His Father (2008)

I can't give too many spoilers for this one because, believe me, it'll ruin your viewing experience. Just make sure you have tissues beside you or are ready to get your pillow soaking wet.

You'll be angry at a number of things throughout the documentary but it's the system through which it all happened that gets my face hot.

Watch on YouTube.

5. Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich (2020)

With announcements of Ghislaine Maxwell's death expected by nearly everyone who knows the case, now is a good time to watch this new Netflix series. It explores the lives of Epstein's victims, how his crimes have changed them and what it means for wider society.

Watch on Netflix.

6. The Pharmacist (2020)

If you were ever going to be mad at the system, this is what'll do it for you. The Pharmacist follows Dan Schneider who, after he lost his son in a drug-related shooting, went after those who he believes had a hand in it.

Watch on Netflix.

7. The Inventor: Out for Blood in Silicon Valley (2019)

The story of Elizabeth Holmes is an usual one. It has been adapted into a book (Bad Blood by John Carreyrou), a podcast (The Dropout by ABC News) and now a documentary. The story of a young inventor who says she wants to help the world doesn't seem like one that would make you angry. And yet, the story gets more and more twisted as it goes along.

Watch on HBO.

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