11 things that have happened since lockdown began (no really)

In 20+ years when we tell our kids, or nieces and nephews, or just random kids on the street that we lived through a time when not only were (non-essential) shops, hairdressers, and restaurants closed, but also UK McDonalds for 10 weeks, they won't believe us.

They'll believe even less that everyday of lockdown felt like a month. And yet, that's how things are. And just to make you feel this even more, we've come up with a list of 11 things that have happened since lockdown began (no really - they all did).

1. Goats and deer taking over towns and cities everywhere

At first it looked like the goat-pocalypse, but really, the animals realised that the humans had disappeared so they made themselves comfortable. Pictures from around the world showed nature coming to reclaim the Earth after all the humans had started isolating in their homes.

2. The Tiger King documentary came out

Yep, that happened this year. It may feel like a million years ago that we were shouting about Carole Baskin killing her husband but it was only March. The series, which follows Joe Exotic, a zoo-owner and one time politician, was released at the perfect point of lockdown; when everyone wasn't already bored flicking through Netflix.

3. Bread recipes... everywhere

I've never seen people more desperate for bread flour. One of the main things to bring us all together during the pandemic was bread. Whether your were sharing recipes or complaining about your family doing so, you probably saw that Twitter was full of bread of the sourdough, ciabatta, whole wheat, focaccia, brioche or rye variety.

4. The panic of not knowing whether you would have enough toilet roll for the week

Toilet roll is something we all take for granted. And we'd never realised this more than when supermarkets were emptied, people were panic buying and they'd even disappeared from Amazon.

5. We all paid a Disney+ subscription then promptly forgot it existed

Okay so maybe not 'all'. Some of us live on Disney+, others bought the year subscription and forgot it even existed between the likes of Netflix and HBO Max. It does seem a little harder to do a Disney TV binge watch but I'm up to season 22 of The Simpsons so I think I'm doing well.

6. Netflix Party...

Taking socially distanced Netflix and Chill to a whole new level, the streaming service released Netflix Party in June this year as a new way to watch shows and movies with your friends online. And yet, I can name approximately two people that actually use the service. I myself can barely pay attention to the plot, never mind keeping up with messages at the same time!

7. Celebrities tried to unite us in song... but got us angrier than ever

Wonder Woman Gal Gadot and a bevvy of celebrities decided to put together a video of them singing John Lennon's 'Imagine' in an effort to unite the world in song. But it didn't go down well. On Instagram @laleleelulu said: “Nothing like rich famous people singing ‘imagine no possessions’ in their mortgage free homes as the rest of society queue at Lidl for broken biscuits.”

8. ...and then John Mayer's version of the song

The video says it all really.

9. People actually believed 5G caused coronavirus

You read that right. The conspiracy theorists did it again. Groups of people all over the world have been destroying 5G towers, setting them on fire, because they believed a conspiracy theory that linked 5G to the spread of coronavirus. Despite academics from various universities across the globe dismissing the idea, WIRED recorded in May that since 30th March, there were 77 arson attacks on mobile phone masts across the UK.

10. Harvey Weinstein was found guilty and sentenced to 23 years in prison

Maybe this was a little earlier than lockdown but it's worth remembering that the disgraced producer and convicted sex offender received a sentence of 23 years in prison after being found guilty of five felonies in February this year. They were: one count of criminal sexual assault in the first degree and one count of rape in the third degree. He was sentenced on 11th March and is serving his sentence at Wende Correctional Facility in New York state. Finally some good news to come out of this whole situation.

11. Love is Blind came out and we all fell in love with Lauren and Cameron

Love is Blind felt like a whirlwind when it came out. People who have met only through a wall falling in love and proposing after a few days? Sounds like the perfect trash TV to binge during lockdown. And it certainly was. Whether you were a fan of Lauren and Cameron, loved Amber and Barnett or simply shook your head at Jessica, the show was on everyone's lips when it came out in February this year. Nowadays it feels like this show happened years ago.

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